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Thanks Mom

The Mother is a powerful symbol, and one that is represented in so many different ways in our world.  With Mothers Day right around the corner, we wanted to express our respect, thanks, and love for all the Mothers out there.

A mother is not just a woman who carries and births a child — however, that statement is not in any way meant to detract from the amazing mothers who do!  I have also known wonderful and beautiful mothers who had no biological children of their own.  A mother is a woman who assists in the raising and a rearing of a child — who not only creates life, but encourages it to grow — a woman who influences your identity, nurtures your strengths, and watches over your evolution as if it is her own.  A mother, in her truest form, is the woman who teaches you how to love, how to be loved, and how to live your life in the best way possible.

The Mother can even take on a non-human, godlike, and/or iconic forms:  take a look at the Mother Earth, Mother Mary, Venus, Demeter, or Isis.  We have interwoven the concept of the Mother into our environment, into our religions, and She surrounds us at every turn.  It is our instinct that draws us into the loving arms of a Mother, and it is Her instinct that wraps her arms around us — it’s a beautiful circle.

So, don’t forget to show your appreciation to your Mother — whether she is biological, sociological, spiritual, environmental, or all of the above!

Happy Mothers Day,


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May 9