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Lingua Luna makes a serious effort to support local businesses, artists, musicians, and organizations within our community.  Showing some love to our local services not only brings more prosperity directly into our community, and reduces the negative environmental impact caused by many larger corporations, but it also helps to build and sustain the amazing and unique environment in which you live.

When you think about the community in which you live, what do you love most about it?  Chances are, the first you thing that comes to mind is NOT the large discount department store or the fast food chain restaurant down the street.  Maybe it’s a local coffee shop, or an art gallery, or a music venue that hosts local bands every week — it’s probably something that has been created by someone who lives in your town or city.  Imagine living in a community that didn’t have these characteristics.  That’s not a place where we would want to live!

We are hoping to use our music this summer to highlight some of our favorite local spots in the Minneapolis community — we’ll keep you posted about that.  In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you — what are your favorite local businesses and organizations?  What do you value most about your community?

Keep investing in your Local Love!  We’ll see you soon.


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May 1

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