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Rhiannon Fiskradatz

Photo by Athena Pelton Photography

Family legend says that the only thing that could calm an irritable, one-year old Rhiannon was a pair of head phones and some quality alone time with the stereo.  So it was that she began picking up on the language of music and its inherent power to change moods and alter realities.  Always one to jump at the opportunity to take a music class or sing a solo in the school play, she tested out the recorder, the piano, the flute, and the guitar throughout her youth, but her voice always seemed to translate the story most effectively and so she found herself turning to melody and lyrics to make her intentions clear.

Following a break from music in her early twenties, during which time she was educated in the ways of theatre, Rhiannon was inspired to start performing again after an impromptu wedding solo silenced a crowd and reminded her why she preferred communicating through song.  She picked up a guitar, armed herself with a few signature songs and started hitting the open mic circuit.  Political commentary and chick-oriented material with an edge of sass quickly became hallmarks of her writing.  She paired with a like-minded folkie as The Sinners for awhile & sang in a cover band for five minutes, but was always on the lookout for the right collaborators.  While paying her dues on stages in book store basements and coffee shops, she passed out demos to musically inclined friends, and eventually found the much sought after mystical balance of talent, motivation & ego in Annie and Jen.  Lingua Luna was born, and a great experiment began.

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May 25
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