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Annie Jane Reierson

Photo by Athena Pelton Photography

Growing up in Duluth, MN, Annie Jane began her music training at the age of four when she began piano lessons.  She learned how to read music sufficiently even before learning how to read the English language.  She studied classical piano with private lessons for twelve years before deciding to independently grow as a musician and then began composing her own music.  Between the ages of twelve and fourteen, she dabbled with the violin and clarinet, taking lessons through the public school programs.  At the age of fifteen, she got her first guitar and began developing a distinct, self-taught folk sound to her music.

In 2000, Annie Jane moved from Duluth to Minneapolis and attended Augsburg College, where she received a BA in Studio Art and English Literature in 2004.  During this time, she took a bit of a break from music to concentrate on her painting works and literary studies, but began songwriting once again after graduating from college.  There is a definite influence, on the lyrical side, from mythological and artistic references that she studied during her time at Augsburg.

In the spring of 2008, a friend gave Annie a banjo to practice with.  By the end of summer, she had already begun collaborating on music projects written by Rhiannon Fisk and Jen Rand.  By the fall of 2008, the three came together to form Lingua Luna.

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May 25
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