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Lingua Luna – three nature-loving, urban-dwelling ladies with their heads in the stars and their hearts straining toward the ocean – have been spreading their unique brand of rockin’ country folk blues since the mid-aughts.  Multi-instrumentalists all, and lovers of harmony and storytelling, the three formed their melodic partnership after learning they were all part of the same exclusive community: they have musical superpowers.  Annie “Glitter Fingers” Reierson discovered at a young age the ability to create music by playing any surface.  A flower, the hood of a car, a passing wave – all could be cajoled into producing a tuneful sound by her magical touch.  Her family was astonished, for they had no other musicians among their ranks, and put her to work entertaining the neighborhood.  She was subsequently courted by the Blue Man Group, the CIA and NASA, among others, but chose to keep her skills to herself until now.

RhiannonFiskradatzLikewise, Rhiannon “Star Song” Fiskradatz and Jen “Moon Music” Rand realized their magical, musical abilities when they were small.  Rhiannon, who unintentionally sang a duet with a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart one evening after kindergarten, found she could time travel when singing any old song.  Her disappearances were frequent and tolerated by her mother because she always brought back chocolate from wherever she had gone.  Jen became a local celebrity at the age of seven when it was revealed that she could make any wish a reality by converting it into rhyming verse and singing it to the moon.  The lines that formed outside her door when word got around could be seen by passing satellites.

The three didn’t meet until several years later, when they were brought by separate entities on a fact finding mission to Atlantis where, incidentally, all three met up with long lost mermaid kin.  Discovering their mutual, magical, musical mystery, they decided to join forces.  They formed Lingua Luna (meaning “language of the moon” or “moon tongue”) to convey their tales of modern life from the perspective of the alternate reality in which they find themselves living.

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