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Thanks Mom

The Mother is a powerful symbol, and one that is represented in so many different ways in our world.  With Mothers Day right around the corner, we wanted to express our respect, thanks, and love for all the Mothers out there.

  • Local Love

    Lingua Luna makes a serious effort to support local businesses, artists, musicians, and organizations within our community.  Showing some love to our local services not only brings more prosperity directly into our community, and reduces the negative environmental impact caused by

  • Annual Solidarity Day

    Lingua Luna has been invited to perform at the Annual Solidarity Day for Planned Parenthood at the Saint Paul Health Center this week!  Reproductive freedom is an important issue that is still highly debated, but one that we definitely stand

  • Always Be Kind

    Yep, that is a photograph of Lingua Luna having a mud fight in a goat pen.  It’s from a great photo shoot we had with Athena Pelton on Rhiannon’s father’s farm in Wisconsin.  That was a really fun day —

  • Seeing the world

    Before Lingua Luna formed as a band, one of the great things we ladies had in common was our love of traveling.  There are so many beautiful things in this world, and we want to see as many of them

  • Isabelle the Wolf

    Isle Royale is a small island in Lake Superior that has a dwindling wolf population, which has been closely followed by researchers for years.  One wolf was named Isabelle.  Two years ago, when Isabelle reached a mature age, she left

  • Happy Spring!

    The Vernal Equinox is one of our favorite days of the year.  It is the day when the plane of the Earth’s equator passes the center of the sun and the planet’s axis is inclined neither towards or away from